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Pin Blinkers

Are colored blinking lights that make your pins come to life. The lights are attached to the back of the pin. Each light is battery powered and blink when turned on. Common blinkers would be the eyes of a mascot, train or car headlights, traffic signs, etc.

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Bobble Heads

Pin Bobble Heads

A two-part pin. Common bobbleheads are the head of a player, mascot or figure. The top "bobble" pin is attached with a spring attachment to the base pin. (See our example on this website). The top "bobble" pin moves back and forth giving your pin a life of its own. Extremely popular in the pin trading world. You can choose to customize our stock bobblehead.

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Pin Slider

A two-part pin including a second mold and design for the "top" sliding pin. Sliders can be attached to the base pin with a "groove" being cut into the die of the main trading pin, then the top slider pin, will fit into the groove of the main pin and slide any way you'd like. Sliders, too add value to your pin. Common sliders include; players sliding into home plate, a train moving on a track or a ball being hit by the bat of a batter.

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Pin Spinner

A two-part pin (including a second mold and design for the "top" spinning pin. Spinners can be anything from ball, logo head, stop sign, etc. We can experiment and design anything you'd like. As with the two-part pins, spinners are attractive and enhance tradability. Ask us about our "stock" spinner game pins.

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Pin Dangler

A two-part pin (including a second mold and design). Danglers are usually attached with a simple "jump ring". Danglers add extra value to your pins and make them more tradable. We offer stock dangles including ball, ball & glove, and many others. Just ask our experienced sales representative which dangle would be best with your design. You can also add to our custom dangles (include the year, your state, etc.)

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Pin Glitter

Glitter paint can be used on virtually any place in your pins. Choose the spot that stands out the most. Glitter adds that jewelry-like dimension to your pin (for a smaller cost than the other add-ons. You can choose from a variety of glitter colors to add "glitz" and sparkle to your pins. It is the most inexpensive way to make your pins more tradable and classy.

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Pin Cutout

We also do clean cutout on pins using highend cutting tools.

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You can choose from a variety of gemstones that add an elegant look to your pins.

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Danglers, spinners, sliders, glitter and blinking light pins are very popular with most teams, but also carry a higher price. Our team of designers will help you get the most "bang for your buck" when making your pin special with our unique add-ons.

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